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What is a Rice Purity Test?

The Rice Purity Test is a self-administered survey of one hundred questions starting with the phrase "have you ever" that explores how pure you are. The Rice Purity Test is derived from Rice University, so it is named as the Rice Purity Test.

The main objective of the rice purity test is to be to support new students' bonds during the university's exposure or in their relationship. Now, this test is a relaxation test that anyone can carry out as a criterion of one's level of purity.

The 100 question survey wraps everything that individuals may have performed on a physical relations aspect. Not only that, it interrogates you if you've ever been on the wrong side of the law.

How does the rice purity test work?

The test consists of 100 questions that wrap up different aspects such as physical realtions, crime, and drugs. People themselves test rice purity; all they have to do is answer a list of hundred 'Have you ever...' questions, yes or no.

The questionnaire users are asked to tick a box for everything they have committed before the test develops a score. It is used to be freely quizzed by new students to help in bonding with other similar students.

Online purity tests were among the earliest internet memes popular on Usenet, commencing in the early 1980s.

Here you can try our new quick version for rice purity test where you will get only 25 quick questioning so that you will get quick result and can try the another version where you can get 100+ questions.

What does the rice purity test score mean?

Rice Purity Score Distribution

What is the average Rice Purity score by country?

Country% of VisitorsAvg. Score
United States54.21%63.9
United Kingdom18.69%65.7

What is the average Rice Purity score by age?

GroupAvg. Score
18-91.12 *
18 ~ 24 F89.24
18 ~ 24 M87.36
25 ~ 34 F79.68
25 ~ 34 M74.05
35 ~ 44 F71.11
35 ~ 44 M71.03
45 ~ 54 F67.19
45 ~ 54 M62.83
55 ~ 64 F66.22
55 ~ 64 M61.12
65+ F65.39
65+ M58.33